Braun In-Store Digital Tool




The Braun global team in Geneva wanted a solution to improve the in-store productivity of Beauty Counselors and gather business intelligence for both global and regional Head- Quarters. To solve the problem, we designed and developed a reporting and communication system, including an iPad app for Beauty Counselors and a web dashboard for Head-Quarter users. The main functionalities include sales reporting, inventory tracking, feedback and tasks communication. This system has been pilot tested in 3 countries – China, Turkey & Singapore.


UX Designer & Product Manager
  • Led the team across UX, Design, and Development to deliver final products according to needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Strategically aligned user research with business goals to design the product
  • Conceptualised and designed the experience for both iPad app and reporting dashboard on web
  • Conducted User Research, User Testing and User training in multiple countries


Pilot & Evolve


Initiated by the Global team of Braun in Geneva, the product was intended to be designed to pilot test in 3 countries, China, Turkey and Singapore. In order to make sure that we will be building the right thing, the project was kick-started with a short research phase. The goal of the research was to understand the current in-store counseling and reporting processes of the Beauty Counsellors in the 3 countries, and then find out their challenges and uncover opportunities to make business impact thereafter. The user research included observing their work in the store and learning about their existing tools.



Initial Concept:
In order to help understand the processes and task flows, I started the concept design with mapping the workflows on a whiteboard. Doing so helped me to understand the particular interaction points where user experience can potentially be improved.

Braun Sketch copy

Then I used low-fidelity prototyping techniques to bring the concept to life and evaluated them with my team.This helped me iterate rapidly and explore different ideas with the team in a short time.
To move forward with the design, I used Axure to create high-fidelity interactive prototypes. This helped me show the client our design progress, and also aided the communication with our remote development team. The wireframes were then used as the final documentation of the interaction design of the system.



App - Feedback

Web - Sales Overview

Web - edit task


The design was then developed and brought to life by our development team based in Singapore and Indonesia. After building the product for 2 months, we took the app with core features back to the users. It was tested with 5 Beauty Counselors(BC) in Singapore and China. In the interim testing, we uncovered valuable insights. For example, for inventory feature, the initial request from the client was to design a switch for out-of-stock and back-in-stock for products. However, in the user research, we found out that the BCs need to manually track stocks of SKUs every day. Therefore I redesigned the inventory feature to automate the inventory tracking process for the users.

User Testing 1

User Testing 2


After the UAT being conducted with the users from all 3 markets, the pilot test of the system was then launched in early Nov 2014. To make sure that the users would be equipped with the knowledge to kick off the pilot test, I conducted user training with the BCs and supervisors in Singapore and China.

App CN

Web EN 20141028

03 APP User Manual TR