Delta 88 WeChat Mini-Game Campaign

Delta 88 WeChat Mini-Game

Rewards customers in an engaging way.

As part of Delta’s 88th year anniversary, the Delta team wanted to take the chance to reward their Chinese customer with free return tickets to the U.S., to be won from a lucky draw. To make the experience more engaging and shareable, our team proposed to let the customers play a WeChat game first and then join the lucky draw.I designed the screens involved in the whole journey and the game itself.

Results: Compared with previous WeChat game campaigns by the client, this campaign was proven to have better customer participation. To be specific, this campaign resulted in 808 fans growth for Delta’s WeChat official channel. 5414 people started the game and 76% submitted their personal details. 

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Tools I used in this project:
  • Sketch – for designing wireframes
  • Framer – for prototyping
  • QuickTime & Adobe Premier – for recording and editing the demo video

Wireframe Designs

Animation at the start of the game to educate users how to play the game

Users play the game by dragging and dropping the city cards to the pins on the map.

If users make two mistakes, they would be reminded to check out the city hints by clicking on the dots on the map.

Users are prompted to enter their personal details if they successfully map all cities.

Users can then input their details to join a lucky draw to win free tickets to the U.S. Afterwards, they can share the game or follow Delta’s official channel.

Final Visual Design